Workshops and Conferences

To support MCMH-EU’s scientific and networking activities in line with the objectives specified in both MCMH-EU’s MoU and the approved Work and Budget Plans.

Workshops and Conferences

To support MCMH-EU’s scientific and networking activities in line with the objectives specified in both MCMH-EU’s MoU and the approved Work and Budget Plans.

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Action Lecture Series

«Writing The History Of Post-War Housing Complexes And Neighborhoods. A Take On Research Strategies And Methodologies»

The talks are part of the lecture series “Writing the History of Post-war Housing Complexes and Neighborhoods. A Take on Research Strategies and Methodologies”, organized by Gaia Caramellino and Filippo De Pieri in the framework of the COST Action European-funded MCMH-EU CA18137, “European Middle-Class Mass Housing” and of the Phd Program in Architecture. History and Design (Politecnico di Torino).


Gaia Caramellino
DAStU_Politecnico di Milano

Filippo De Pieri
DAD_Politecnico di Torino

WEDNESDAY, 17 FEBRUARY 2021, 15H00 (CET) – Premiere
Miles Glendinning is the Director of the Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies and Professor of Architectural Conservation at the University of Edinburgh. He has published extensively on modernist and contemporary architecture and housing, conservation and Scottish architecture; his books include the award-winning Tower Block (with Stefan Muthesius) and The Conservation Movement. His current research is focused on the international history of mass housing, with planned books including a forthcoming global history (Mass Housing) and a history of public housing in Hong Kong.
WEDNESDAY, 24 FEBRUARY 2021, 15H00 (CET) – Premiere
Sandra Parvu is an architect, a faculty member at the Paris-Val de Seine National Architecture School, and a research fellow at the Architecture and Anthropology Lab. Her book Grands ensembles en situation. Journal de bord de quatre chantiers (MetisPresses, 2011) explores the dialogue between political motivation and aesthetic research in the construction of postwar housing in France.
WEDNESDAY, 3 MARCH 2021, 15H00 (CET) – Premiere
Yael Allweil is Assistant Professor and Head of the “HousingLab: History and Future of Living” at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion IIT Israel. Her research explores the history of housing in Israel and Palestine and the history of struggles over urban public spaces and her work involves academic research and activism in the context of the Israeli housing social movement. She is the author of Home-Land: Zionism as Housing Regime 1860-2011 (Routledge, 2016).
WEDNESDAY, 10 MARCH 2021, 15H00 (CET) – Premiere
Inge Daniels is an Associate Professor in Social Anthropology at the University of Oxford. Her research interests include housing, atmosphere and the built environment. She has conducted several long-term ethnographies inside homes in Japan culminating in her 2010 monograph
‘The Japanese House’. I. Daniels also has an ongoing interest in curation and exhibitions. She has curated an exhibition at the British Museum (2001) and her recent book What are exhibitions for? (2019) is based on an ethnography of visitors to her 2012 exhibition at the Geffrye Museum in London.

Past Workshops and Conferences

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